Gorgeous Custom USBs | USB Memory Direct


Who still uses flash drives? I do! And recently I even tied the knot with some new flash drives that I’m head over heels for.


Wedding puns aside, flash drives have been an important part of my wedding packages for a while now. I know many photographers have moved away from using USB drives, but I still find them very useful and an effective deliverable to give to my clients. I particularly like using flash drives for big shoots like weddings, because I can download hundreds of images to the drives with plenty of storage available.


The new wood flash drives I received from USB Memory Direct are customized to my style. I always go for timeless and simple designs that speak for my brand. I also love how I was able to print my logo onto these wholesale flash drives. The overall simplicity of the USBs is a perfect representation of my brand that I can’t get enough of.


I want to thank USB Memory Direct for the special flash drives. I’m looking forward to packaging these beautiful USBs and giving them to my clients. Any photographers who are interested in flash drives should go check out their website . They offer so many different styles  and customization options.